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Barbara Ewing

The Actresses



A class reunion at a London drama school in the 1990s triggers a series of dramatic events that leads to a celebrity court case in the Old Bailey, and shows the successes and the failures - and the past and the memories - of a group of famous (and not-so-famous) actors and actresses.

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“This is an excellent account of the late middle-aged antics of the class of ’59...a terrific insight into actors’ childish psyches. Ewing understands the different kinds of love and friendship, and the denouement on a Hawaiian island is pure Jilly Cooper.” SUNDAY TIMES 
“..excellent..Ewing, herself an actress, weaves a plot as complex as fair-isle knitting, darting teasingly between past and present, and fastens off all the threads so that the pattern is satisfyingly complete.”
“Ms Ewing is herself an actress of distinction, and knows how to create believable yet memorable characters, to evoke place and to tell a story which takes hold of the reader and holds them enthralled - through tears and laughter - from the first page to the last.”








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The Actresses

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